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Does Bay Equipment Co accept credit cards?

We accept American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa.

We accept credit and debit cards for sales.

We only accept credit cards for rentals.

We also offer commercial credit accounts with Net 30 terms for approved customers.

How is the rental fee determined?

Rental rates are structured on a daily, weekly, and 28 day (4 week) cycle. The rental fee (excluding taxes and auxiliary charges) is calculated as the lowest possible charge based on the rate structure.

For example, if the rates are $100/day, $300/week, $800/28 days, and you keep the equipment for 1 week and two days, the fee will be $300 + (2 x $100)= $500

If instead, you keep the equipment for 3 weeks, the lowest possible charge for that period would be the 28 day rate of $800, not 3 times the weekly rate of $300 ($900).

Does Bay Equipment Co offer payment terms?

Bay Equipment offers Net 30 terms for approved commercial credit accounts. 

Download our credit application using this link.

How can I rent a piece of equipment if I don't have a commercial credit account?

Bay Equipment Co requires a valid driver's license and a major credit card (not debit) in order to rent equipment. Your card will be pre-billed for the rental and taxes for up to a 28 day cycle. Auxiliary charges (fuel, repairs, etc...) will be billed after the equipment is returned.